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Dropshipping Tutorial

Get 110% FREE Turnkey Dropshipping Website From Sellvia ─ Limited Offer

The free Turnkey DropShipping Store is more than just a digital storefront; it's a ready-to-use website that is already built, optimized for customer experience, and comes pre-loaded with products. Traditionally, the journey to set up an online store would be inundated with tasks like:

  • Purchasing hosting
  • Securing a domain name
  • Deciding on a theme and plugins
  • Subscribing to a DropShipping services

However, Tunkey's offering simplifies this process significantly.

Get 110% free turnkey dropshipping store

To get a free turnkey DropShipping Store refer to the below guide

  1. Getting Started: First, navigate to the Sellvia website. There, they promise you a free turnkey e-commerce store, complimentary hosting for one year, and a 14-day trial for the Sellvia Pro subscription.

To start with your free turnkey dropshipping store, enter your primary email and card details.

When you enter your primary email and card details, we will redirect you to the next page to complete the 4 steps.

Step 1: Choose your niche and click continue.

Step 2: Select your domain name

Select a free theme In 3rd step

In this step, you'll see paid and free themes. If you do not want to spend any money, you can go with a free theme.

Step 4: Upgrade your store (optional step)

In this step, you will asked to upgrade your store with a product catalog and social media package

Final Step: Upgrade your website with 100 hot products (optional step)

If you want to add 100 more hot products in your dropshipping store you can buy this package otherwise you can skip it by clicking on the complete survey button

Store Activation

On the next page, you have to pick a date for the Zoom meeting in order to activate your turnkey store.

If you miss your store activation meeting, Sellvia will cancel both your hosting and domain reservations within two weeks. This means we will delete your complimentary turnkey store, and you won't be able to recover the data.

FREE Turnkey Dropshipping

Meeting Time

During the meeting, sellvia support team member will send you your store credentials via email. Inside this email, you will get the name and password of your store dashboard, your sellvia account, and your branded email.

Check out my meeting time and email screenshot below.

FREE Turnkey Dropshipping
FREE Turnkey Dropshipping

Setup payment gateways

In the same email, you'll get extra links to set up your payment gateways and more.

FREE Turnkey Dropshipping

Thats it.

Best of luck with your dropshipping journey.

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