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Reserve a Static IP Address on Google Cloud Platform

First and very important steps to take after launching a website on Google cloud platform reserve static IP address from ephemeral to static going to save your website from Breaking whenever you restart your Apache server or if you restart or stop a virtual machine.

Static IP will be the same whenever you do this kind of things.

Reserve static IP address

  • Go to your VPC network under the networking and click on External IP address

reserve static IP address

If you have a website configured on google cloud platform,

  • click the drop down button under the “Type” column and select “Static” for the External IP address that is connected to your google cloud instance.

Note: For some google cloud platform configuration, External IP Addresses may be located either under “VPC Network > External IP addresses” or “Networking > External IP Addresses”.

reserve static IP address

After changing external IP address you will see a popup


in the name field you can name it whatever you like afterwards simply click on reserve

if you have any questions regarding this tutorial you can ask me in the comment section below

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