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What is Go High Level? [Everything You Need to Know]

Let's admit it. The job of running an agency is difficult.

You're trying to manage staff, clients as well as vendors, as well as finances as you try to expand your business to become more successful. It's not easy to accomplish this on your own and several companies fail.

However, things get easier when you have your team behind you, who are actively working to expand the Agency.

This is the reason Go High Level comes in..

Go High Level ( sometimes written as Gohighlevel, High Level also known as GHL) positions as the ideal option for agency. It's a complete tech stack for marketers or agencies that eliminates the need for additional tools.

What is the definition of High Level?

Go High Level, a computer solution that is designed to assist you in managing your relationships with customers, automate your sales processes , and increase the lead-generation efforts. Sometimes, you'll need an extra pair of hands (or in this instance brains) to complete tasks which is the CRM tools such as GHL can help.

GoHighLevel is the idea by Shaun Clark. Shaun created HighLevel in the year 2018 to assist small-sized businesses and agencies automate and grow.

It's not uncommon to make use of “GoHighlevel” as a synonym for “Highlevel” since it doesn't have “Go” within it. Shaun was unable to obtain his domain's name Highlevel. So he settled on

How Do You Go To The Next Level Work?

Go High Level is a subscription-based service that assists agencies to develop and grow their business.

Gohighlevel will help you manage your business efficiently and smoothly so that you can concentrate on what you excel at: delivering outstanding results for your clients.

Here's a quick overview of the capabilities of HTML0: High Level software can do:

  • Design sales funnels and sales channels that turn a profit using GoHighLevel. GoHighLevel allows you to build funnels that convert quickly.
  • You can create a website using Gohighlevel and then connect an existing domain to it. It's also a web-designer as well.
  • Create landing pages around your offer.
  • The CRM can help you to manage and maintain relationships with your clients, and keep track of your projects.
  • Create appointments and create calendars that help you manage time and work.
  • Keep track of your calls like an employee.
  • You can design and sell online classes and membership programs by using the membership website features.
  • Automates email marketing campaigns to assist you design efficient marketing campaigns.
  • You can also quickly and effectively reach out to potential customers via SMS marketing.

Get Started With Gohighlevel

Why Your Agency Needs A CRM and Automation tool

It's impossible to manage things you can't measure.

If you're trying to grow your Agency it's easy to become immersed in the day-to day and forget about the bigger overall picture.

There must be a method to determine what your time and dollars will go to ensure you're investing it in the correct things.

That's why the tool called CRM (customer relations management) tool can come in handy.

What is CRM?

The CRM system is an information system which helps you keep track of your interactions and contacts with customers, potential clients as well as partners and vendors. If it is used in the right way it can help you make better choices about the best way to use your resources, and also run your business efficiently.

Here are some advantages that come with using a CRM

  1. Maintain a track of your clients and Projects
  2. Manage Your Sales Pipeline
  3. Control Your Marketing Campaigns
  4. Automate your business processes.

Are you using Go High Level correctly for your Agency?

While the Go High level offers a lot of advantages, it's not for everyone.

It's not a good idea for eCommerce stores that have lots of inventory. It's also not recommended for huge eCommerce sites with a large number of items and pages.

However, it's ideal for small eCommerce stores with only one or two items.

This is what makes Go Highlevel a great match for dropshipping and eCommerce stores selling one product.

Go Highlevel is also perfect for businesses and agencies who create funnels, as well as landing pages.

Affiliate marketers can use the software for promoting offers through funnels. Dropshippers can utilize the High Level to increase sales.

It's perfect for small-scale companies seeking a reliable software for managing their CRM and marketing automation.

Go High Level is the right choice for you if to achieve the next …

#1. You're looking for an all-in-one solution.

GHL is a robust system with a wealth of features that is designed to give you everything you require to run a successful business.

It provides all the tools required to manage an agency, such as reviews for reputation management as well as email marketing, billing, contact management, reports, project management and integrations with third party applications like MailChimp as well as Salesforce.

#2. You're looking for an easy and easy solution

Go High Level CRM makes it easy and easy to use for both novice users as well as experienced professionals.

The whole platform is built around an attractive modern, contemporary interface that makes it simple to navigate on any device.

It also has an easy dashboard that can be customized with widgets to aid in keeping the track of client information without becoming lost among rows of numbers and spreadsheets.

If you're thinking of GHL it is important to be aware of how it functions and what it could do in your Agency.

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Go High Level Key Features

Here are the most important characteristics in Go High Level…

#1. Funnel & Landing Pages Builder

The Funnels and Landing Page Builder lets you create stunning landing pages with one click templates or custom designs. You can also design multiple funnels and then send users directly to them via the dashboard.

You can build conversion-oriented sales funnels using Go Highlevel's funnel creator. High level offers funnel templates that you can select from and begin using in just a few minutes.

It is possible to create a simple website, and then add navigation using similar builder. With Highlevel you can purchase a domain that is custom-designed and customize your website and funnel.

Because it's drag and drop the same as having a high-end funnel builder similar to ClickFunnels. However, compared to Clickfunnels, High Level lacks certain features.

Clickfunnels, for example allows you to share your funnels with other users. This isn't possible using GoHighlevel.

Stay tuned for a comprehensive analysis of ClickFunnels in comparison to GoHigh Level. GoHigh Level.

#2. Marketing Automation

What is Go High Level

Go High Level offers several types of marketing automation including email automation as well as social media automation and tracking of landing pages.

Each automation step is modified to fit your personal style elements. This makes it easier to create the perfect marketing campaign for your intended audience.

GoHighLevel Marketing Automation can be described as a tool for marketing automation which helps you design and manage campaigns, distribute emails, and track the outcomes.

With the GoHighLevel Marketing Automation program, you will be able to increase sales by following a planned procedure of collecting data about the journey of a customer's mind towards making an purchase.

Through email marketing, or other marketing channels to market your products in a manner that can increase conversions.

GoHighLevel Marketing Automation works by creating automated workflows that allow for the sending of messages to follow-up at various phases of buyers' journeys.

Example: Welcome Email > Product Demo Request > Product Demo Download > Product Sales Page> Checkout.

Each workflow comes with specific tracking parameters for each workflow and you can determine the best approach for each step of your funnel.

Set up a window of time first to ensure that all marketing messages, SMS and emails are delivered within a set time.

The way you set this up is essential to ensure that customers do not receive messages during in the evening, and this could upset them and make you appear unprofessional.

#3. High-level Reputation Management

Go high-evel Your CRM Reputation Management is an application that lets you to control your customer's reviews and feedback.

At High Level Control, you are in complete authority over your image and business.

It lets you mail an “Review request” to your clients, asking them to write a review about your products on the platforms you prefer.

#4. Reporting & Analytics

Go High Level provides you with detailed reports that provide details about the results of your Facebook Ads campaigns, Google Ads campaigns, as well as your website traffic from any source including mobile devices, as well as desktop computers.

You can track the source of your visitors and what they are doing on your site, and how long each user spends. This allows you to assess how your team's performance is in terms of where you could improve and what's effective.

What is the process?

The dashboard for reporting is split into five sub-dashboardsnamely Google Ads, Facebook ads, attribution report appointment report, and call reporting.

#5. Content Management

Go High Level lets users to edit, create and approve, store and publish content in a way which makes it simple for everyone in the company to accomplish this.

Go high-level Content management software (CMS) provides everything you require to control your information all in all one place.

With Gohighlevel cms You can:

  • Create new posts and pages with only a few clicks
  • Edit existing pages and post effortlessly
  • Schedule posts for future publication dates
  • Create multiple posts at the same time to ensure that your feeds on social media remain updated with the latest content.

#6. CRM and Pipeline Management

GoHighLevel CRM and Pipeline Management operate in the following manner:

  • This is an integration platform. GoHighLevel connects to Salesforce, Pipedrive, and other platforms to provide you with the complete picture of the pipeline of all your accounts.
  • It's mobile-friendly. GoHighLevel can be used on mobile devices to keep track of the progress of leads as well as manage your accounts regardless of the location or device you're on at any moment. And it's a fluid design, meaning it's perfect for every device, from smartphones to desktop computers to tablets. It's impossible to miss a chance simply because someone was unable to access their laptop.
  • It gives data-driven insights to help with better decision-making on the in the moment!

This feature can be very useful to sales reps so that they can assess whether their efforts pay off in real-time without waiting until the day after closing for an invoice update prior to making choices about pricing or which deals are best to move forward this week, and which ones are scheduled for later (or even later in the quarter).

#7. Booking and Online Appointment Tool

What is Go High Level

This tool for appointment scheduling includes all the essential features of the regular calendar, however you can also design and share calendars so that customers or clients can browse to view the entire schedule.

It's simple to create your calendar using your Settings dashboard, and then integrate it into your funnels.

#8. Go High Level SMS Marketing

Go high-level The SMS marketing feature is an function that lets you communicate with your customers directly through the mobile phone of your customers. The message may be promotional or marketing content or utilized for customer service.

High Level SMS allows users sending messages out to your clients in one go without the need of an SMS service provider that can handle bulk messages.

Through High Level you are able to respond to messages and see delivery reports on your account's dashboard.

The app provides an interactive text editor which displays an image of your message within a mobile phone frame to the right of your screen.

Another great feature is the option to track. You can record, send and track texts and even move customers through the buyer's journey.

In addition As a bonus, the SMS interface appears similar to Whatsapp and is easy for users to operate and to browse.

#9. Membership Sites

What is Go High Level

Utilizing Gohighlevel the platform, you can create membership websites that sell premium products. It is also possible to move your membership website to Gohighlevel when you're an instructor.

The dashboard is pretty simple, however the results were quite similar to the results you can receive from Teachable. You can also add your own website domain on your member website. A visual editor lets you modify your outline of course.

You can also alter the appearance of your landing page. You can also upload videos of your course. It is possible to upload a short portion of the image as well as the course outline's title.

#10. Mobile app

This GoHighLevel Mobile App has been designed with your Agency in the back of your mind. It's user-friendly and can be utilized in the field. The app comes with the following options:

  • Create Client Profiles: Simply create client profiles and upload the profiles onto Your GoHighLevel account. You will have access to their personal information including addresses and contact information.
  • Develop Sales Leads Utilize the mobile application to create new sales leads through either phone or email. Additionally, you can import leads to your CRM account from MailChimp, Hubspot, or Ontraport accounts.
  • Make New Projects It is easy to make new projects from your phone.

#11. Go HighLevel Integrations

Go Highlevel is a complete marketing tool that doesn't limit users from using applications.

Keep your most used apps in your phone and make them available to you seamlessly using Gohighlevel.

High level allows you to connect applications and send data using webhooks.

Webhooks allow you to connect with Zapier. The best part is Zapier integrates with all kinds of apps that you already use.

Zapier is home to hundreds of apps. MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit and many more applications that you've heard of are available there.

  • High level is a good fit using these applications:
  • WordPress
  • Paypal
  • Mailchimp
  • Calendly
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Pipedrive
  • Leadpages
  • Jotform
  • Kajabi
  • Typeform
  • Teachable
  • Call Tracking Metrics
  • Schedule Once
  • SurveyGizmo
  • WIX
  • Squarespace

How Does Go High Level Compare To The Competition?

GoHighLevel integrates the most effective functions that are available in ClickFunnels, Unbounce, LeadPages and many others into a simple-to-use platform.

Through Go High Level, you can use all the tools needed to build high-converting online sales funnels right at your fingertips. The A/B test to the advanced analytics, landing pages as well as lead magnetsGoHighLevel has it all. GoHighLevel is able to do everything.

Go High Level VS Clickfunnels

The most significant distinction in GoHighLevel as well as ClickFunnels is their functionality and targeted audience. GoHighLevel is designed for companies looking for robust all-in-one marketing and CRM tools.

ClickFunnels is, in turn is designed for business owners and marketers who require a more complete funnel and building landing page builders.

Let's look at how the two platforms stack up in terms of the basics of functionality, price as well as support and training.


Click Funnels' major selling factor is its funnels. It provides you with a set of beginner-friendly templates to assist you in getting started.

Clickfunnels also comes with a great split-test feature which lets you create two funnels that have slightly different designs to allow you to test how well each one performs.

Another factor Clickfunnels is able to do better than the majority is in its training. There are a lot of paid and free resources created by Clicksfunnel its founder Russell Brunson. A good example is the funneling away training.

The conversation dashboard is among High Level's most useful features. You can build automated campaigns and combine them with manual messages on the dashboard for conversations.


Both platforms offer live chat support and email. However, GHL High Grade GHL provides video support to all users.

Clickfunnels outsources their support. The video support option is available only on the $2500 plan, or the priority support plan. ClickFunner However, it does offer an option for a Zoom group call.


Both platforms have a variety of payment options.

ClickFunnels are similar to high-level offers, start at 97$, however, you won't receive much from this plan. In addition to the funnel builder tool and domain, you'll need to install a separate application that works with ClickFunnels to send emails or SMS messages that aren't the best choice.

GHL Agency Starter Plan at 97$/month includes everything right off the beginning. The difference is that the 97$ plan restricts the number of accounts you can have. If you're just beginning your Agency the plan would work only for one client. It is also possible to make this plan your own Agency.

Review:If you run an agency, GHL is the best alternative. GHL provides a lot more at a lower cost without having to sacrifice quality.

Go High Level VS Active Campaign

Comparing go high-level with active campaign


For all plans, ActiveCampaign provides chat and email support. However, telephone support is only accessible with plans that are on the Enterprise plan. All High Level customers can avail live chat and live Zoom support concierge migrations, as well as an unpaid Facebook community.


ActiveCampaign has vast knowledge bases, videos training, and a discussion forum. One-to-one instruction is offered on the Plus plan and on.

Go High Level is relatively new and only has a small amount of resources available.


ActiveCampaign can only allow you for text message messages, but it does not allow you to receive replies. However it is possible to send emails, text messages, Facebook Messages, Instagram Direct Messages, Google Chats, and Whatsapps and also respond.

GoHighLevel Pricing- Monthly and Yearly Cost

What is Go High Level

Here is a overview on Go High Level pricing and all the costs it will cost users to utilize the platform.

Agency Starter Account ($97/month)

While restricted to one account While it's only one account Go High Level CRM Starter Account is a fantastic option to get your CRM up and running and start getting your Agency up and running. It has everything that you require to manage projects, clients and projects while making sure you have a tracker of important files and documents.

GoHighLevel CRM Starter is the ideal tool for small companies or freelancers that require an easier way to keep track of your clients' projects, clients and projects.

It's simple to use it's inexpensive and comes with all the features that are required by small-sized businesses. If you're a budget-conscious marketing agency, you could begin with this plan. Go HighLevel gives you a 14-day trial for free.

However, if you're seeking something that goes beyond the basics then you'll have make the switch into The Go High Level Unlimited Account.

Agency Unlimited Account ($297/month)

Agency Unlimited Account Agency Unlimited Account has all capabilities of the CRM Starter account as well as some extra advantages. This account lets you connect unlimited employees and clients and to create unlimited tasks and projects.

You'll also be able to access additional dashboards and reports to monitor your advancement as an agency as time passes.

White Label Mobile App + Custom Zap Upgrade

What is Go High Level

One of the most impressive features in GHL can be found in its White Label Mobile. The upgrade is $497 per month, and is best suited for agencies that have six or seven figures.

The Whitelabel mobile app is completely customized to reflect your company's logo and lets customers monitor the results of their marketing campaigns.

It is possible that the Highlevel staff will design an brand-name Zapier to your brand's name to ensure that your agency's look is completely branded. White label is not a standalone service. It requires an unlimited agency account to access the feature.

Difference Between HighLevel Starter Agency Account And Agency Unlimited Account

The primary difference between these and the other plans lies in that there aren't limitations on the number of people who can benefit from it, or on the amount of tasks or projects they can manage through an Agency Unlimited Account.

If you're not sure what plan you should pick it is recommended to start at starting with the Starter plan to gain a better understanding of the way GoHighLevel functions prior to making any changes or adding new clients.

You can also take advantage of 14 days of free trial to experience the benefits of the service.

FAQ about Go HighLevel

What tools do you think GoHighLevel could replace?

High Level replaces a myriad of tools , including ClickFunnels, Mailchimp, Teachable, WordPress, ActiveCampaign, Pipeline, Kartra, Calendly, Hubspot, SalesForce, Woodpecker and many others.

Is GoHighLevel a CRM Tool?

Go High Level is an all-in-one marketing tool that supplies marketing agencies and businesses with relations management services.

GoHighLevel CRM lets you control all aspects of clients business including sales funnels, leads, tracking leads, outbound calling as well as voice and SMS calls, follow-up schedules, and meetings.

Do emails, SMS and voice calls available as part of High-Level Plans?

The agency starter plan for just 97 dollars allows you to use only one account. However, everything is included at the start, including SMS, the entire marketing funnel survey builder and marketing services, a power dialer, and a custom domain service.

If you're a marketing agency, then the agency's initial plan may not be suitable for one that's just beginning; it's a good plan for just one client. It is also possible to make use of this plan for your Agency.

Does GoHighLevel allow custom domains?

It is true that High Level lets you create custom domains. It is possible to go to the settings to add an individual Domain or Subdomain on your Membership website.

Settings > Custom Domain. Navigate to Settings > Site Information to enable an individual subdomain. Be aware that subdomains and domains that are used for your membership websites must be distinctive.

They are not compatible to create funnels/websites for your business as well as Whitelabel domains.

Does GoHighLevel Offer A White-Label App?

You can purchase white label services for $497 per month. In addition, you get an Zapier configuration for your company as well as an app for white-labeled reviews.

There is an upper limit to the amount of funnels that can be used on the Go High Level?

In contrast to Clickfunnels and others funnel creators, GoHigh Level gives you unlimited funnels to help you with any marketing campaign.


GoHighLevel is much more than a marketing platform.

It's a Sales, Marketing and Business Automation platform which allows you to create and automate your site funnels, landing page and SMS marketing campaigns, marketing by email and search engine optimization, and more.

With the high-end software for CRM as well as pipeline management system you can build pipelines to promote specific products or services you sell.

It is then possible to manage the pipelines starting with lead generation to sales.

You can also create automated text message follow-ups using Twilio integration. In addition to that , it offers an online appointment tool and booking tool that's extremely simple to make use of!

Don't just stand there in awe, go and take a look right now if you've not already.

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