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Stuck On “Another Update Is Currently In Progress“ Error? Easy Fix!

You are trying to update your WordPress website, and you see this message “Another Update Is Currently In Progress” Error. Normally this error message goes away automatically with another few attempts.

In this article, we will take a look at the solution to this problem.

Why does “Another Update Is Currently In Progress.” appears?

This message usually appears when a core WordPress update runs in the background, and a user tries to start another update process. 

During the core update, WordPress automatically sets an update lock option in the database. This database option stops you from running updates on your website. And you see this message.

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Fixing Another Update in Process Error

To quickly get rid of ‘another update in process’ message, you need to delete the core_updater.lock option from your WordPress database. We will show you how to do that using two different methods. You can choose the one that works best for you.

Method 1: Fix Another Update Is Currently In Progress.” With Free Plugin

Go to the plugins area and then install and activate the Fix Another Update In Progress plugin.

You can upload the plugin, or you can search the plugin and install it.

Once you install the plugin, go to Settings » Fix Another Update In Progress page.

If updates on your website are locked, then you will see a message with a button to fix it:

Now click Fix WordPress Update Lock. After that you will see new page.

You have successfully fix “Another Update in Progress!“.

Let's update WordPress by clicking on Please update button.

Method 2. Manually Fix “Another Update Is Currently In Progress“.

First, go to visit the cPanel dashboard of your WordPress hosting account. Under the database section, click on the phpMyAdmin icon.

Next you have to select your WordPress database in phpMyAdmin. You will see all the tables inside your WordPress database. Now press “Ctrl+F” and type wp_options. Next click on the WordPress options table (wp_options).

Inside the wp_options you see all the rows of table. Find the row with the name ‘core_updater.lock’ and click on the delete button next to it.

PhpMyAdmin will now delete the row from your WordPress database.

You can go back to your WordPress website and proceed with your WordPress website update.

Video Tutorial also available

We hope this article helped you to fix “Another Update Is Currently In Progress“ error on your WordPress site.

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