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Sellvia Pricing: Packages, Plan and Free Trials [+ Discount]

Do you want to know the details of Sellvia Pricing Plans and Packages? You are here if so.

The Sellvia pricing plans show that you are looking to launch a dropshipping company with the Sellvia tool.

Dropshipping requires you to promote products, place orders with product suppliers, and make sure that customers receive their packages.

It might not be as easy as it seems.

To make your work easier, you will need tools such as Sellvia.

The question is: Which of the Sellvia Pricing Plans and Packages should you choose?

This article will discuss all aspects of the Sellvia pricing plans.

This tool offers a 14-day free trial. Start with a free trial to see if this is the right platform for your needs.

Let's see it.

Sellvia Pricing (Monthly Cost, Features & Breakdown)

sellvia pricing

#1. Sellvia – $39/month

Below are a few of the features included in this plan.

Trial for 14 days free

Sellvia offers the free trial period of 14 days that you are able to use the platform and determine if it's right for you. After the trial period of 14 days you will be able to decide whether you'd like to upgrade to one plan of pricing.

When you signed to the trial offer the details of your credit card be taken.

This will allow the fee for the plan you choose to be deducted quickly.

If, however, you are approaching the end of 14 days, and you decide that you no desire to continue the plan, you may quickly cancel your subscription to ensure that the fee is not taken off.

Unlimited Orders

This plan permits you to place as many orders as you'd like from Sellvia. Sellvia can be described as an eCommerce platform by itself, which makes it a great platform for various marketing initiatives.

While there are many sellers selling on the platform, there are also a variety of buyers coming to purchase. This has been an outcome of the trustworthiness the platform has earned over time.

Thus, Sellvia can offer the customers with a variety of orders.

Unlimited importable products

Since it is a popular platform The number of items that you can incorporate into your store is endless. Being able to have different types of items within your store can boost the quantity of orders.

This is due to the fact that you are always supplying what someone requires at one time or the other.

There are not many platforms that allow to purchase unlimited items. They provide a limited quantity of items that you can import, specifically for plans that are geared towards beginners such as this.

High-converting product pages

What's the purpose of a website that isn't converting?

It is essential to have quality products available in your store, having pages for your products that appeal to your customers is an additional consideration.

Without a highly-converting page for your product and a product page that converts well, you won't be able sell your high-quality products.

Sellvia's product pages are high conversion-oriented. It is because they have been designed with the goal of making excellent sales in mind.

The product page includes the following:

  • The title of a product is derived according to what people are looking for using search icons. The titles are concise and captivating.
  • Images of products. The images of the items are of top quality. High-quality and appealing images is an additional feature of a page for products that draws customers' attention in your shop.
  • description of the product. This is why the majority of dropshippers face problems. Making a great product description that is converting requires the ability to write with a certain level of proficiency. A great product description doesn't just explain the physical attributes of the product, but it provides a description of how the product is beneficial to the customer. This is precisely what buyers are looking for.

Sellvia has removed this burden from your shoulders. The platform employs a professional copywriter that does this task for you.

Review of the product

Sellvia allows you to transfer customer reviews from its pages on the platform into your own page.

Reviews are an effective method to establish credibility for your company. They convince other customers that your product has the benefits that it claims to offer in its description.

In addition it's an online transaction. Therefore the customers need to be certain that products will be delivered when and when they are due.

The past reviews of customers on this topic gives them an extra sense of security and confidence.

All of these factors makes product pages highly-converting.

1-3 days to ship from the US

When an order is accepted, Sellvia processes it within 24 hours, regardless of amount and the order will be dispatched.

It takes between 3 to 5 days to deliver items throughout the US.

After the order is delivered the customer receives an tracking number can be used to monitor the shipping process. Sellvia also offers an Fast Shipping badge that can boost your profits by around 45 percent.

Important to know it is important to note that Sellvia products are delivered well completed and your products from your customers are safe to be delivered.

Also, the dropshipping costs of Sellvia are much lower than other stores with a large following. This means it is accessible to your customers.

Technical assistance

In the event that you are stuck creating your store or with any of the steps that are required to get your business going, Sellvia has technical support that could be of assistance.

Get Sellvia For Free

#2 Sellvia Pro – $69/month

The pricing plan includes all features of Sellvia that are included in Sellvia, such as:

Free Turnkey E-commerce store

The plan includes the domain name for free and hosting that you can be able to use for one year. Then, you'll be required to renew it. The names are required to create your online store.

It's extremely useful for those who are just beginning an online business. It would be enough money to be able to renew your hosting after one year.

Everything your business needs to start is available.

All the equipment available and you could also import additional ones as well as marketing materials to assist you in getting started.

If you create your online store using Sellvia but without the Sellvia service, it will cost the company $447. This is the amount you can expect when you sign up to Sellvia.

Be aware you that our pricing plans is accompanied by a the 14-day trial period. As well as, it is possible to set up your online store before the expiration date of the trial period.

On-site SEO

Sellvia is well-known for its expertise in On-Site SEO. Your website must be ranked on search engines. Additionally the product page on your site should appear whenever a product you sell is looked up.

When your website is found to be highly ranked in search results this increases its credibility. The SEO feature includes;

  • Quality SEO backlinks
  • SEO-related articles
  • Classified ads posted
  • Quora answers
  • Social bookmarks

All of these can help bring more people to your store , and keep them interested. More customers mean more sales.

In addition, Sellvia comes with different SEO services that you could consider leveraging to fit your needs and requirements more effectively.

Professional design

The design of your online store will also contribute to improving sales. It is a feeling of confidence that your customers have when your setup screams elegance and professionalism.

From the construction of the store , to the layout of each store and the layout of images of the products, Sellvia provides your brand a design with professional flair.

Integration of email

It's a fact that email marketing is still one of the most effective forms of marketing. Sellvia includes an email integration that will aid in turning the random customers who come to your store into customers.

The integrations of emails are completely automated. The process begins with the lead generation system which captures the email addresses of your visitors when they visit your website.

In the following days, it sends them emails with campaigns, and email follow-ups will be sent out.

Sellvia generally uses MailChimp and, when you sign up to this service you will be educated on the best ways to make use of MailChimp for greater profit. Additionally, it comes with a variety of email templates that you could utilize to build your email marketing campaigns.

Store manager, no-cost consultations

If you select this plan, you get the store manager directly linked to you. He will be able to address any questions you have more precisely. You may also arrange sessions with your manager free of cost.

Niche research

In the event that you don't have a clue of what area to get into, Sellvia got you covered. Sellvia provides a range of highly profitable products as well as their specialties from which you can pick.

Sellvia recommends a segment which has lots of buyers for the items, but there are fewer sellers offering these products. This means that you are less competitive with your company's brand.

You can also base your decision based on the marketing materials Sellvia provides.

Get Sellvia For FREE

The difference between Sellvia and Pro

This time, I'm going discuss the distinctions among Sellvia as well as Sellvia Pro.

  • With Sellvia Pro version, customers receive an unbeatable turnkey (Ready-to-use) E-commerce store. This isn't available for Sellvia
  • Sellvia Pro allows you to have your own domain name and hosting. This is useful to set up your website and online store.
  • Sellvia Pro has email integrations which Sellvia doesn't.
  • Sellvia Pro helps you to boost your search rankings through improving your On-Site SEO. Sellvia can also help improve your search engine ranking due to its highly-converting product pages, however it's not as prominent as Sellvia Pro.
  • The subscription to Sellvia Pro allows access to a dedicated manager who can answer all of your questions from day to day. The Sellvia package only comes with technical assistance.
  • Through Sellvia Pro, you can configure an account with a payment processing service. Sellvia does not support this.
  • Sellvia is not a company with an annual plan, however Sellvia Pro does, however.

Overall the end, Sellvia is a great option for those who already have an online store up and running. However, if you've got no experience in E-commerce company, Sellvia Pro will be the better choice.

It will help you start starting from scratch until you are a top-selling business.

If you're already operating an online store but can't afford the cost of Sellvia Pro it is possible to begin with Sellvia and then upgrade later. Another way is to benefit from the savings you receive when you upgrade to a yearly plan.

Learn how you can avail the discount on Sellvia below.

Get Sellvia For FREE

Sellvia Discount: How to Switch to a Yearly Plan For Discount

If you're planning to buy the Sellvia annual plan, you'll save $429 off Sellvia Pro.

What are the steps to get this price reduction? Follow these easy steps to begin taking note of the discount for Sellvia Yearly Plans.

Click this URL. This will take you to the discounted pricing page of Sellvia.

Click on”Annual Discount” Tab. Select Sellvia Pro's annual plan Sellvia Pro annual plan as instead of the monthly plan to start.

sellvia pricing

Take advantage of a huge price reduction off the Sellvia Pro plan.

Sellvia Pricing FAQ

Here are a few of the most frequently-asked questions on the Sellvia pricing system and the entire platform generally.

Does anyone have an Sellvia Free trial?

Yes. Sellvia and Sellvia Pro and Sellvia Pro offer the option of a 14-day trial for free. If you sign for a trial, you'll only need to register for an account that is free.

How do I cancel my Sellvia Subscription?

To stop or cancel your Sellvia subscription, log into Your Sellvia account. Go to the settings icon to the left.
It will show the subscription settings, as well as other options. On the top right-hand part of the panel you will notice the word “CANCEL”. If you click on it, your subscription will be cancelled.

But, your subscription status is in effect and you'll be able to use all features of Sellvia until the end of your subscription.

How to Upgrade Sellvia Membership?

Click on the settings icon within the Sellvia Account. The subscription panel is where you can click Sellvia Pro if you are already using Sellvia. Then, it will upgrade your account up to Sellvia Pro.

What's the Sellvia method of payment?

Sellvia accepts payment in a variety of methods, including Credit/Debit Card, PayPal and also cash on delivery.

The final thoughts regarding Sellvia Pricing

The purpose in this post is to provide you an explanation on Sellvia Pricing Plan. Sellvia Pricing Plan so that it is simple to comprehend what you are signing up for.

I think this article has done justice to this.

Sellvia is the right choice whether you're already in the business , or are just beginning. Sellvia provides you with access to the entire data that you require to make your business an edge.

You'll be able find and connect with the correct customers using SEO techniques and pages for products that convert well.

Deliveries to your customers can be completed in 3 to 5 days.

Once you have mastered these basics details, you are able to easily select any plan from the Sellvia catalog you like.

If you are still unsure about the software; I suggest you sign up for Sellvia's Sellvia trial right away to discover what your company is not taking advantage of.

Get Sellvia For FREE

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